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High Quality Cork Carpet Providers


Dan Sheehan Floor Coverings Ltd provides clients all across Cork with the very best carpets. Our wide Cork carpets selection has something to suit all styles and all budgets. Whether your tastes in interior design are traditional or contemporary, classical or quirky, we’ll have the right carpet for your home or business.

Carpet remains a popular choice in bedrooms for people. We find some people all enjoy the warmth and comfort of a carpet in TV room or living room also.
Carpets continue to be the flooring of choice on stairs and landings in homes. A good underlay under your carpet helps reduce noise and also makes a stairs safer with less chance of slipping. A carpet on a stairs can make a strong feature in your hallway. Sometime people decide to put a carpet runner on their stairs.

At Dan Sheehan Floor Coverings we can make a bespoke carpet runner for you. This can be finished with an overlocking, piping or cotton edge binding. We can cut the runner to whatever width you would like and can choose to have the same edging on your half landing and landing if you wish.
Sometimes people put a stair rod or clip with their runner to add another dimension to their stairs. This is for aesthetic purposes and does not hold the carpet in place so whether you have one with your stair runner is completely up to you.

There are many choices to be made when choosing a carpet and we will help you choose the best carpet for your chosen area.

  • What colour could you like?

  • Do you want a plain or patterned carpet? Patterned carpets can go from subtle pin-dot to geometric designs, to herringbone to classic floral print.

  • Do you want a soft luxurious carpet or a hardwearing one?

  • Would you like a velvet finish which can show more footprints and vacuuming marks or a twist carpet?

  • Do you want a wool or synthetic carpet?

Synthetic carpets were once perceived as a mere budget fibre but as technology as progressed is has now become a state of the art material with its own desirable qualities. He use of 100% solution dyed, two ply polypropylene yarn for example ensures that they are equipped to stand up to the rigours of everyday life yet retain a soft and luxurious feel. One of the key benefits of the use of bleach cleanable polypropylene is the inherent resistance to normal household stain hazards.

A wool carpet is more eco-friendly. Superior quality wool is supplied to the carpet industry is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and it the only widely available carpet fibre not derived from oil. Wool is naturally fame retardance and allergy friendly acting as a natural filter to keep dust particles out of the breathing zone. Wool help moderate temperature and humidity in a home. Wool is easy to maintain. A dirt particles make their way in to your carpet they are caught by microscopic ridges that protect the outside of the wool. These ridges keep the dirt particles high on the pile of the carpet where they can be easily removed by vacuuming.

Our friendly staff are available to help advise you on our large selection. Our showroom is stocked with the very best carpet brands that are available at competitive prices. With Dan Sheehan Floor Coverings Ltd you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your carpet or on the price.


From budget carpets to the most luxurious vevlet carpets, we have a large selection of carpets in our Cork showroom available to view. Get in touch to learn more

Our Carpets

We understand that choosing a new carpet can be intimidating which is why one of our dedicated staff members will be available to help advice and recommended the right type of carpet for your home or commercial property.


You can browse some brochures of the small selection of ranges we stock at the links below:


Axminster Carpet Brochure 

Firenze Carpet Brochure

Flanagan Carpet Ranges


You can see in the gallery at the end of this page a sample selection of some of our installations to give you some inspiration.


In our dedicated showroom, our clients will be treated to our massive selection of high-quality carpets. We supply a comprehensive range made by both Irish and international carpet manufactures.



Some of the popular brands we sell include:


Gallery of recent carpet installations


To See Our Range of Carpets Make an Appointment to Visit Our Flooring Showroom


Where can I find someone who sells carpets near me?

Dan Sheehan Floor Coverings is a carpet provider located near Cork City offering a range of luxury and budget carpets for domestic and commercial use.

How much does a new carpet cost?

The price of a new carpet varies depending on the type of carpet you choose and the size of carpet you need installed. Get in touch with the team at Dan Sheehan Floor Coverings for a free quote on our range of budget and luxury carpets.

Do you lay carpets?

Yes, absolutely. We offer full carpet laying services for all of our domestic and commercial carpets.

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